6 Flight Modes with Spekrtum DX7s



Modification of the settings described in Bruce Jones’ DIY Drones discussion.


Like a few other people who posted on the discussion I could not get these settings to work for my RC. After tweaking some of them I was indeed able to program all 6 flight modes available in Mission Planner.

Modes are mapped to GEAR and FLAPS switches

Contact me at DIY Drones if you are still having trouble or questions. I will do my best to assist in any way I can.

I will also be glad to forward the Spektrum .SPM file for this configuration, drop me a note below or message me on YouTube.


Gallery for better picture quality


Download the SPM file here



  1. Jesse Pellegrino

    Hello. Thanks for advice. I can’t download the s file. The link isn’t working and won’t allow me to click it?

    • MegaFlare

      Hey Jesse. Sorry about the download issue. It should be fixed now if you want to try again.

        • MegaFlare

          The settings should translate fine for a quad, but I cannot be sure since I’ve never used it. There may be some more information on the DIY Drones post.

  2. ccna

    I would like to see the SPM file. When I tried the examples I can not get all six positions.
    I think I am missing something on the DX7s

    • MegaFlare

      Sorry I did not respond earlier. Check your inbox later today. I will send shortly. As a side note – there are also some “SW Select” settings that you may need to adjust as well. I will list those in the email as well. In addition, as I have just found out with someone else I’ve tried to assist, these settings are for North American Mode 2 configured Spektrums.

      • MegaFlare


        I believe we’ve already communicated about this. Sorry Mauricio, I am a bit late responding to this comment. I actually just got an email about it today.

  3. geobduffy

    Great to see info on a Transmitter other than a t9X. Thanks for the Post!

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