757-3 Ranger EX long range FPV UAV platform

757-3 Ranger EX long range FPV UAV platform

Received my 757-3 Ranger EX long range FPV UAV platform today anybody else using one?  Have Canon SX230HX hope if fits internally. Been testing  the 230 in a Turbo Ace Matrix, only one short test flight under my belt.


  1. Avinash

    Ive got one but haven’t had the time either to finish it but it has room to expand it can carry weight for long flights It tough body

    But Basically out of the box you need to do some reinforcing EG Servo’s Hinges Laminate wings Strengthen main spar. It needs all this before first flight Then it seems to be be a good airframe
    Check out this for good build / updates / info


  2. Highfly

    Thanks for the info on tapping hinges, will do. Was thinking of making a fairing on bottom of fuse for camera, easy access. My Arduplane a/p should be in today and maybe get to work on it. Thanks again.

    • geobduffy

      Did you build yours up yet? I want to build my second one soon and just checking in on your progress.

  3. geobduffy

    I have flown and destroyed one. I have one in the box and no time to build but will eventually.
    It’s a good airframe. It flies like a Skywalker. The wings are a bit wimpy but the fuse is obviously very strong.
    I would suggest you might want to put the camera outside the fuse mounted to the flat portion under the nose.
    Beware, the control surfaces on the Ranger need to be taped right away. I always tape the hinges but often I don’t do it on the first couple flights as they tend to wear out over time. As a result in this case, I found out how resilient the design is when crashed at over 100kmh straight into the ground. It was probably reparable but I decided to start over. Turns out the elevator cam off mid flight…not preferable.

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