Accurate GPS Postioning using Ground Control Points

In Mapping we require accurate Ground based Control Points as reference points for our mapping project, this increases the accuracy from 2.5m to 0.5-1m accuracy.

One way of obtaining GPS Co-ords is to utilise the RTKLIB
project with One Talent GNSS Yuan10 GPS Receiver (<10cm accuracy)
connected to a Raspberry Pi USB slot

Reference Sites: (100 Euros)

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  1. geobduffy

    You research too fast. lol I can’t keep up!
    Awesome post! I have so much to learn with this.
    After completing all current workflow goals (which is going to take a while), I’d like to start a project related to RTK GPS based on your post. There is a ton of potential here for relatively inexpensive UAV mapping at survey quality.

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