apm plane tuning pid

hello ,

i configure my new xuav talon with pixhawk on bord and i also have question about PID tunning

first if i inderstand  before calibrate my radio on mission planner  , all of my rate should be at 100/100 ? i dont have to touch my radio setup like endpoint dual rate etc ?

so when i tunne the pid, i sould not change the rate of my radio or i have to do that ?







  1. geobduffy

    That’s correct. You do not need to set end points or rates.
    If you are new to tuning, I suggest following the arduplane tunning manual and starting with “method 1 for pitch and roll PID tuning with L1 at default setting. It’s important to understand the max roll and pitch rate limits of the aircraft you’re tunning so as not to put in too high values that exceed the aircraft capabilities. It will lead to poor tuning. Particularly with Roll , I recommend performing some hard rolls in manual and really getting a good feel for what the aircraft is made to perform.
    I’ve never flown a talon. Can you post some link, videos or pics of your set up?

    • azizkountche

      hello thank for your fast reply ,the pid is now correct ,airplane levelled nicely in stabiliz mode , but cant roll in fbwa mode , even if i put full stick , no way, my max roll set 60 degres but even with that no sucess
      some idea ?

      i dont have pictures and youtube video yet .

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