Best mapping camera

Hey everyone, I’m a newbie to UAV mapping and I wanted to know what camera works best for aerial, 2D mapping. I’ve heard good things about the Canon SX260.

What about the GoPro cameras?


  1. jwahono

    I use canon ixux 220HS. It gives me very good aerial pictures to produce photomaps. It’s price is much lower than S100 or S110 and slightly lighter.

  2. rayzerfpv

    depending on the payload allowed, the sony NEX cameras are the ideal but pricey. The canon point and shoot A2200 is a goodie I do that the SX260 is good as well 🙂

  3. geobduffy

    I use the sx260 or the s100 for mapping, both with great results. I don’t suggest GoPro or other wide angle lens camera for mapping do to radial distortion and other optical issues.

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