Canon EOS M

Canon EOS M

Canon EOS M

Canon EOS M is quite inexpensive now for an 18MP APS-C camera. Does anyone know if it works with CHDK/USB trigger method like the lesser Canons?  Also, is anyone aware of the frame rate that can be achieved?  I can’t seem to do much better than a 1 frame/2 sec with my S100.  I think I’ve turned off everything that would slow it down…


  1. Mapper905

    After some research, looks like EOS M was “slow” — primarily focus issues. There was supposed to be an “M2″, but Canon abandoned. Other research suggests the NEX-5 is probably the best step up from my S100.

    As for S100 frame rate, I’ve turned off and changed everything I can think of in an attempt to speed it up, but no luck. Any suggestions appreciated!

  2. geobduffy

    You should be able to get a frame every second with S100.
    With the EOS M, you’ll probably need a cabled trigger or IR trigger. Check out FlyTron.
    Sounds like an awesome set up!

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