Flight Riot RTM Mapping UAV – Unboxing and Initial Set Up

Flight Riot RTM Mapping UAV – Unboxing and Initial Set Up

This video shows what you get with a Flight Riot Penguin Ready To Map (RTM) UAV. It also covers initial set up process prior to performing your first mapping mission.

Skywalker RTM Mapping UAVs are also available.
I am currently limiting myself to only a few orders per month as I do all work myself including building, modifying, testing, and flight tuning.
Flight Riot RTM Mapping UAVs come ready to work!
Contact me at flightriot.com if you want to order an RTF Mapping UAV or simply join Flightriot.com for resources on how to build your own mapping UAV and get informative tutorials and updates.


  1. BOB

    Nice build, I am about to build one plane for arial mapping but cant decide what to build. I can see the advantage of the penguin but I like also skywalker or should I go for a wing like x5 or similar? I have the canon sx260hs with cdhk and waiting for my remote trigger. Shall I buy the cheaper APM 2.6 or Pixhawk for start? Hope you can give me some advices here.

  2. philgib

    So how about this camera case how-to post, almost 1 year later 😉 ?

    • geobduffy

      I’m sorry I’m so busy I have not been able to keep up. I am no longer using the camera case. I instead stack 1/4 inch double sided foam tape and place velcro strips on the face of the camera. It’s easier to build and easier to use, with great results.

      • philgib

        Good idea.
        I liked your first version though, that was kind of crash proof, useful when camera becomes expensive.

        • geobduffy

          Good point about protection, though hopefully it’s not necessary…
          Easiest way to build one is to buy a plastic case for your camera online and cut/drill out a section for the lens. Add some foam tape inside for the camera to rest on and cut out a section for the USB cable or drill a hole for the IR sensor if your camera has one. I also cut out a section on top for the view-screen but that’s not necessary.

  3. MegaFlare

    Hey B,

    What is that case for the cameras made out of? It looks custom made.

    • geobduffy

      It is made of acrylic (I think) and it’s a camera case that I customize to suit mapping purposes in either Penguin or SW 2013. The case fits either Canon sx260 or sx230.

        • geobduffy

          Thank you, Sir! It can still use some work to make it prettier but as you know, I’m a function over form kind of guy. It really works brilliantly. Once I build a few more I should probably make a how-to post. I’m just so short on time at this point, I am struggling to keep up.

          • MegaFlare

            Yeah, you have other things to think about right now-saving the rainforest – 😉

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