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    STICK is a Java application designed to make the process of installing CHDK on your Canon camera as simple as possible. It does for CHDK what my ASSIST app does for SDM. If you don’t have Java installed, here is the official download site (for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux).
    All you have to do is drop a photo taken by your camera on the STICK window and it will:
    download the appropriate build,
    prepare an SD card (partition, formatting and making bootable as necessary),
    and copy the appropriate files to the card.
    It runs under Windows (from XP to Windows 8), Mac OSX (from 10.6 onwards) and Linux (Ubuntu 11.x and 12.x at least).
    A few cameras, currently:
    Powershot N Facebook Edition
    Ixus 135 (Elph 120)
    require special treatment. See this page for more details.
    To make things as easy as possible all you have to do is press a button to make STICK continue to the next step and on-line help is just a button-click away. Here’s a picture of STICK just after a photo has been dropped.

    Download STICK HERE
    Original site:

    Downloading and Installing STICK
    Download the STICK zip file and unzip it. You’ll get a folder called ‘stick’ which you can relocate anywhere you fancy. Inside the folder are the following files:
    ‘stick.jar’ – the java executable
    ‘stick.bat’ – a bat file for Windows XP and Vista
    ‘stickx.cmd’, ‘elevate.cmd’ and elevate.vbs’ – command files and script for Windows 7 and 8 (see below)
    ‘stick.command’ – a shell script for OSX (up to Lion)
    ‘stickML.command’ – a shell script for OSX Mountain Lion and Mavericks (see below)
    ‘stickx.sh’ – a shell script for Linux (see below)
    ‘asseng32.dll’ and ‘asseng64.dll’ – dynamic link libraries containing java native methods for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit versions).
    Running STICK
    Double-click the appropriate script file (bat, cmd, command or sh file), depending on your Operating System. For OSX or Windows XP, double-clicking the jar file should work.
    STICK will look for a valid build in 4 places:
    the ‘stable’ CHDK (1.2) site
    the ‘trunk’ CHDK (1.3) site
    the ‘stabiles’ CHDK-DE (1.2) site
    the ‘experimentelle’ CHDK-DE (1.3) site
    Which of these STICK searches first depends on which build preference choice you select on the start-up screen. For most people, the ‘stable’ CHDK is the right choice (it’s also the default when STICK is first installed), but you may want to install the 1.3 ‘development’ version in order to use some new feature it contains.
    Note that:
    once you have dropped a photo (and hence STICK has started searching) the choice boxes are disabled (greyed out). You can re-enable them by clicking the ‘Restart’ button which takes you back to the start-up screen.
    STICK remembers your preferred choice in the ‘order’ property (see “Extra Features” below) and will use it the next time it is run.
    STICK will also detect if a build has been previously downloaded and if so, let you skip the download step. This can be useful if you want to prepare another card for your camera, but of course skipping the download step may mean you don’t get the latest CHDK build.

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    Congratulations! it works really fine. When it didn’t exist, installing it was hard work.
    Some time later, I changed my Canon G10 for a G12. Ohhh, hard work again … but then I discovered STICK. Perfect. You can imagime….
    Again some months later the card became unreadable for the camera, not for computer. CHDK didn’t work.
    Then, I put in on STICK assuming to loose scripts and pictures. But, it didn’t happen, those files are now on my card and CHDK works fine.
    Thanks for such nice work @geobduffy

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