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    I’m taking raw images of crop land, (maize mostly) for my research.
    I was wondering if anyone here knows a good software to convert raw NIR images to Tiff.
    And what kind of corrections I need to apply on my images?
    I’m doing temporal analysis, I run my UAV during the growing season almost 3, 4 times.
    and I only need the NDVI values.
    1)Does the white balance really have an effect on NDVI values? And what is the best way to account for it?
    2) what kind of corrections I need to apply on my images, as pre-processing, before I make an orthomosaics?
    3) Do I need to convert my digital values to reflectance, since I only want to compare different plants in my field, so it’s like wanting to know how they are relative to each other. Or since I’m having temporal images I need to convert my camera values to reflectance?

    I’d be very glad if you can answer my questions.

    Ps. I’m using canon S-100, converted to G-R-NIR by MaxMax.
    I’m flying over crop field, and I want to find the best type relative to others.
    I’m taking temporal data, so every other weeks I run my UAV.

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