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    Hi everyone, i’m trying to set up a Skywalker x5 for mapping, i made some test without payload and everything worked well, the plane was able to make fully autonomous missions. However when i have payload (a Canon S100 camera) the plane wasn’t able to take off. I think that the motor don’t have enough power. Can somebody please help me with a good combination of motor and propeller?

    My set up:
    Frame: Skywalker X5
    Motor: Sunnysky 2216 kv 1250
    Propeller: Graupner 8″x5″
    Esc: Turnigy 30A

    Best regards.

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    Thanks for posting Jorl. I think @geobduffy may better qualified to answer this question. Thanks for posting.

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    Hi Joel,
    That combo you have could work just fine. Any idea how much thrust it’s putting out?
    I think it should be plenty. Did your CG alter when you added the camera?

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    yes, i checked the CG before flying and it was ok, just a little nose heavy, i am thinking that could be the height above sea level, i’m flying near Bogota, at almost 2800m above sea level. Do you think that the height above sea level may cause this problem?

    Best Regards.

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    Hi @geobduffy, my setup weight is about 1100g.

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    Paul Bohl

    Hola amigo!
    Si estas en Bogota debes hablar Español.
    Yo soy de uruguay y estoy tratando de configurar un X5 para topografia.
    Me puedes ayudar? no entiendo bien como hacerlo.
    Tengo un auto piloto Pixhawk, y no se bien como configurarlo ni los parametros que debo usar.
    Me puedes decir cuales son los pasos?
    Desde ya te agradezco mucho.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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