FR UAV Tutorials

Converting an RC aircraft into a UAV

APM 2.5 / ArduFlyer 2.5 for full autonomy with GPS installation and configuration using Mission Planner Ground Control Station (GCS).

Topics Covered

  • Setting up hardware
  • Loading Arduplane Firmware
  • Radio Calibration
  • Configuring Flight Modes
  • Setting FailSafe
  • Basic Level

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Configuring Multiple Fail Safe Options

This tutorial will describe how to set up the various APM fail safe options so that the aircraft Returns To Launch (RTL) in the event of lost connectivity.

  • Setting up RC transmitter Fail Safe using Turnigy 9x as example
  • Setting up Telemetry Fail Safe using Mission Planner GCS

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Configuring Flight Modes on a Turnigy 9x for APM 2.5

Learn how to configure your Turnigy 9x (stock firmware) to control up to 6 APM 2.5 flight modes using switches. You can choose any mode you want to implement and assign to any switch position.

Topics Covered

  • Configuring settings on the Turnigy 9x for UAV application
  • Configuring mode settings in Mission Planner GCS
  • Flight mode set up and overview
    • Manual mode
    • Stabilize mode
    • Fly By Wire A (FBWA) mode
    • Training mode
    • Return To Launch (RTL) mode
    • Loiter mode
    • Auto mode

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Setting Up Mapping Camera

Currently resources on this topic can be found on the CHDK page of Flight Riot. This tutorial will cover setting up a Canon Point and Shoot camera for UAV aerial mapping.

  • Installing Canon Hack Developers Kit (CHDK) on a Canon Camera
  • Configuring camera settings for aerial mapping
  • Configuring a Flight Riot intervalometer script
  • Bench testing intervalometer script
  • Configuring Turnigy 9x switch / dial for triggering intervalometer remotely during mapping missions
  • Implementing a USB trigger system on board aircraft that connects the RC Rx to the mapping camera.

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Making DIY Remote USB Trigger for Mapping Camera


This tutorial covers what you need to create a USB trigger that allows you to trigger an intervalometer script on a Canon P&S camera running CHDK.

  • Parts you’ll need
  • How to build the trigger

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Autonomous Take-off and Landing

This will be a new set of tests for me and I will gladly document and share my successes and failures. I am currently re-configuring my Bixler 2 (now dubbed the Frankenbixler) to produce the intro tutorials mentioned above so I will also use this plane for testing and refining a process for consistent results in autonomous take-ff and landing.

Tutorial Development Status:



for other related topics such as Mission Planner, PID tuning, configuring add-ons like telemetry or other, please visit

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