Drone Mapping

Ground Control

Discussions about ground control topics such as UAV Setup and testing, mapping flight planning, component integration, and overviews, links, and information about Mission Planner


Discussions about various UAV platforms including Skywalkers, Finwing Penguins, X5’s, and multi-rotor machines such as the 3D Robotics Y6, X8, and Iris+


Discussions about various components that comprise and support UAV mapping including RC controllers, cameras, USB triggers, and flight controllers such as APM , PX4 and PixHawk


Camera Setup

Discussions about assorted cameras used for mapping purposes including benefits and configurations of various models and integration with other components, software, and post processing techniques



Discussions about remote sensing and mapping related to vegetation and agriculture including near infrared (NIR) and spectral signatures of plants and vegetation



Discussions about the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and its uses, benefits, and integration with remote sensing UAV mapping including testing, filters, and post processing


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