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apm plane tuning pid

hello , i configure my new xuav talon with pixhawk on bord and i also have question about PID tunning first if i inderstand  before calibrate my radio on mission planner  , all of my rate should be at 100/100 ? i dont have to touch my radio setup like endpoint dual...

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Hello I am new to the forum I am trying to set up Pixhawk with a cannon 2300 I have CHDK installed with script. I have the gentle usb to reciever cable with the sparkfun stepper inline. This plane was built by 3dr in April of 2014. I am having trouble getting it set...

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Parachute Recovery Testing Round 1 My buddy Steve and I went out to the field to do some autonomous take-off, landing, and tuning but I forgot my RC radio antenna so we went back to get it and during the 10 minute drive back we...

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