• hi guys
    Was anyone able to make work PMVS/CMVS tool for dense cloud production within Visual SFM on a Windwos machine? I tried to follow the link to PMVS for Windows by Pierre Moulon, but get stuck in a bunch of […]

    • I think I lost my reply – so here it is again
      having issues with using visualSFM. sometimes it just takes 2 photos out of the 10 or of the subject I have loaded into the program. Not sure why, but sometimes – if I restart, I can get it to process all the photos, but then not much of a useful point cloud result. Do I need to place the program in the windows program or program(x86) folder. I just walked around a yard statue as my subject. I’ve watched the videos and my result never as good as those.
      Thanks for putting these files together – not much of a techie and couldn’t add all together from different websites


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