MeshLab 3D model Export Test for 3D PDF Generation

MeshLab 3D model Export Test for 3D PDF Generation

This is the first attempt at creating a 3D pdf using free software called MeshLab and MikTex , whish was included in a version of LaTeX that I downloaded.
The model was exported from MeshLab as a U3D file, opened in MiTeX, and saved as a 3D PDF.  I am very unfamiliar with MikTeX so I don’t know what type of control is available in terms of making the PDF more user friendly. Also, it seems that MeshLab does not export full color models so the results, as you can see below, are what you’d typically see in a Digital Surface Model (DSM).

I will be exploring other methods of sharing the data using free/opensource software, possibly in conjunction with VRML.


  1. ot visoko

    Great(even without colors)! What format is the file that you IMPORTED in MeshLab?

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