NDVI Tests: Canon SX230 and A490 with Rosco #2007 Filter

NDVI Tests: Canon SX230 and A490 with Rosco #2007 Filter

I am running some tests on different cameras using the Rosco #2007 filter and I intend to continue testing with other cameras and filters when I receive them.

My intent is to find a camera and filter combo to produce consistent NDVI results by capturing imagery from a UAV with a single camera.
I took a handful of pictures with a Canon SX230 and a Canon A490 to compare the results.
I used a custom white balance on both cameras set to a 1/2 inch thick stack of white copy paper in indirect sunlight.
I then took pictures of a small bamboo plant using each of the relevant camera image settings to see how the NDVI results would vary. Below are the results.
I used Fiji/ImageJ and Ned’s Photo Monitoring Plugin with the following settings:
The importance of ground truth samples really hit home for me during this test. The ground truth data must be able to be correlated to the NDVI data with an accuracy and granularity that is meaningful.
I’m very interested in what settings are working well for others…
Click on the images below to see a bigger version and camera settings used.
Pics From Canon SX230
Here are PICS from the Canaon A490

The images above are not displayed at full resolution. Here is an example of a well focused unedited JPEG from the A490 for reference. CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL RESOLUTION.


  1. subarooturbo

    I am a little confused by looking at the photos on this page. The other NDVI images I have seen on MaxMax and other websites. Seem to have much more detail in the photos. Are the images that are being produced at this time are of a very low resolution. Because the images are not what I am used to seeing of a NDVI photo.

    • geobduffy

      Updated to include a full resolution photo. I didn’t realize how bad all the re-sized images above look. Thanks for the heads-up and let me know if this clarifies things.

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