Hello I am new to the forum I am trying to set up Pixhawk with a cannon 2300 I have CHDK installed with script. I have the gentle usb to reciever cable with the sparkfun stepper inline. This plane was built by 3dr in April of 2014. I am having trouble getting it set up to trigger the camera with mission planner could someone please give me an up to date tutorial of how to this arduplane 3.03 and up to date MP.For what its worth I have a Specktrum DX7s transmitter that was installed and configured by 3dr any input would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Terry


Response: http://flightriot.com/pixhawk-and-apm-mapping-camera-configuration/


  1. geobduffy

    The first test is to make sure your camera will fire with a 5V signal. The easiest way to check this is to get the script running on the camera and plug a usb between the camera and any PC. If the camera is set up properly, it will start taking pictures. Make sure this is working first.

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