PMVS/CMVS tool within Visual SFM on Windows

hi guys
Was anyone able to make work PMVS/CMVS tool for dense cloud production within Visual SFM on a Windwos machine? I tried to follow the link to PMVS for Windows by Pierre Moulon, but get stuck in a bunch of binaries for download, but no clue how to install the files.

Thanks for any ideas



  1. Nguyen Huy Hung


    When I tried to run “pmvs2.exe”, it ran and shut down immediately.

    Could you tell me what is the reason with my situation?

    Thanks you very much

    Nguyen Huy Hung


  2. Ajibola2012

    I have successfully installed the sfm executable window but was having problem “no valid sfm project found” whenever importing UAV jpeg image for 3D point cloud. Is there any other things I need to do for sfm to access the file?

  3. gonecrawfishin


    I am having similar trouble, but I’m failing before that with the “error 1: unable to locate sift binary” issue. The installation website by Changchang says to put some type of sift.exe file in the folder, but where do I get a sift.exe file? Even the batch you supplied above has no sift.exe file. I am on a 32 bit computer, could you provide a similar package of files that would work on a 32 bit computer? Thanks!

  4. geobduffy

    I prepared all you’ll need to run VisualSFM, CMVS, and SFM_georef into one ZIP file here:
    Please see original pages here for original downloads and license information:

    The prepared zip file is also available under the POST PROCESS link of flightriot navigation at the bottom of that page.
    Just be sure to extract zip file contents to a directory and do not try to launch from within winzip or any other zip program.
    Let me know if you have any issues

    • sky

      hi geobduffy
      with your zipped files the processing works now perfect. many thanks. by the way, your site is excellent; great job and a lot of hard work.
      i hope i can be of some help on this webportal when it comes to post processing and filtering.

      • geobduffy

        Awesome! Glad it worked out. I will post a video on the topic soon too.
        I look forward to more feedback from you.

    • its3Dmade

      I think I lost my reply – so here it is again
      having issues with using visualSFM. sometimes it just takes 2 photos out of the 10 or of the subject I have loaded into the program. Not sure why, but sometimes – if I restart, I can get it to process all the photos, but then not much of a useful point cloud result. Do I need to place the program in the windows program or program(x86) folder. I just walked around a yard statue as my subject. I’ve watched the videos and my result never as good as those.
      Thanks for putting these files together – not much of a techie and couldn’t add all together from different websites


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