SFM GeoRef

Sfm_georef is software for scaling and geo-referencing structure-from-motion (SfM) point clouds to real-world coordinates, using observations made directly in the SfM image set (rather than identifying and matching features from the point cloud).

Link to SFM_georef home

A valid SfM project is required, and the following reconstruction software and pipelines are currently supported:


  1. justinR

    I have realized that your text file for image locations has to be exactly like the others with a descriptor field, which I had left out. i was able to make part of it work, but ti doesn’t give useful error messages, if any.

    More importantly, I am missing somethign about the workflow for this tool. does anyone have a quick step by step process that they follow to georeference the entire project so that cmp-mvs will have a georeferenced/georectified product at the end? any help is appreciated, thank you.

  2. justinR

    I am using the 3.0 beta, which seems to work with ground control points, but not the geotagged photos, which I do not understand, as the above poster I am not sure how to get the camera locations to be used as control points. any tips? looking forward to seeing the rest of your tutorials on here.

    Thank you.

  3. geomatniroj

    While importing the control data in SFM georef, the txt file is not accepted.
    It yields the error while I gave the input as exactly mentioned in the instruction given.
    Any solutions??
    Thanks in advance 🙂

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