sony nex7

anyone swapped out the canon point and shoot with a nex7? if so….how difficult was it

to get the camera to function the same as the canon?


Ulf Runesson


  1. scratchnodado


    Planning to upgrade to NEX7 from SX260. But how do you setup NEX7 shutter for mapping?

  2. FPVGenie

    I am using a Next-7 on a SW 2014 . Earlier used Canon. Works great

    • lakeheadnrm

      what lens are you using………my tech guy is trying to convince me to get the 35 mm sony 1.8 lens instead of the much shorter pancake lens….. I am leaning towards the 35 as it would make the stereo images easier to assemle (lots of distortion with the pancake lens…… the 35 is fairly big (45 mm past the camera body….but I think we can make a mount to keep most of the lens inside the fuselage of the skywalker 1900……

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