Turnigy 9X and FrSky DJT – DIY Mod Tutorial


The DJT radio doesn’t quite fit the Turnigy 9X even though the T9X is pinned out for JR style connection. The problem is there is a piece of plastic obstructing a successful fit. So, you must take the T9X Transmitter apart and remove the obstruction so the DJT radio module can fit. It is a relatively easy modification and once completed it really takes the T9X into another league in terms of range.
This video shows how you can easily modify a Turnigy 9X to fit a FrSky DJT radio module and significantly increase the range of your T9X. I have used the D8R- II Plus and the V8FR-II and find that the V8FR-II offers better range, though it does not support telemetry.

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