UAV setup and Cameras

First of all I want to say thanks for providing such a great site. I have spent hours combing the internet trying to come up to speed with UAV mapping applications.

I have been working in the GIS field for ten years and am interested in applying this technology to the work that I do. With that in mind I am researching what makes the best mapping platform without breaking the bank.

I am wondering if you could give me the specs of the UAV that you build or would recommend. Is there anything capable of carrying a micro 4/3 camera? Is that even necessary? Ideally I would like to create the most accurate aerial maps possible. I will be georeferencing them with RTK GPS. Also, is the new Pixhawk autopilot the way to go? And finally, are there any systems or additions that would allow me to integrate FPV without sacrificing too much of the mapping mission?

Thanks a ton for any guidance you can provide and I look forward to hearing back from you.

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