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    I have recently been testing the latest Skywalker 2014 Revolution with new 1720mm wings (throw back to original 1680 design) and new T-tail.

    I have also been comparing wings:
    older 1900mm, 2013 1900mm, 2013 1880mm with sloped leading edge, 2013 1880mm with anhedral (downward tips), and of course the new 1720mm wings.
    Has anyone else done comparisons between wings and newer fuselage designs?

    One drastic difference between the 2013 carbon tail version with low horizontal Stab vs the new T tail is that the motor thrust angle has drastically different effects on each. Upward thrust on the low stab provides a steady clime as throttle increases. Also, there is most often no need to adjust thrust angle left or right, though sometimes I have had to adjust mildly.

    However, on the new T tail upward thrust forces the T tail up and therefore the nose down. I have found that gluing the plywood motor mount low on the T tail model and minimizing upward thrust beyond flush with motor mount works well. Additionally, with a right turn propeller there is a leftward and upward force against the Vertical stab and horizontal stab that causes a rightward turn and roll under throttle.

    If these issues are not addressed during the build, the unit will have far less accurate flight lines and will be far less efficient than it could be.
    On any of the aforementioned wings, with a properly set up configuration, a 4S set up skywalker should be able to cruise on 3.5-4A, giving over hour long mapping missions on a single 6000mah lipo.

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    Great post sir, very detailed. It’s quite clear that you have done a lot of research into this. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hi Mr Brenden @geobduffy .
    Could you please share your perspective on the difference of flight characteristic between 1900 and 1720 version (both T tail)?
    In term of mapping, which one perform better (flight line accuracy, flight stability, maximum payloads, power efficiency, etc?)?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi @jwahono,
    For mapping missions, they are both very effective, the main difference being that the 1900mm wings have flaps for slower speed with heavier payload. I do not find the flaps necessary. The main factor in getting good results with any airframe or wings is how it is configured, setup, and tuned.
    That being said, it does depend on your UAV’s total weight as well. I have not tested maximum AUW for the various wings but that would be fun 🙂
    What version of the Skywalker are you working with?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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