X5 Flying Wing RTM UAV with Bungee Launch

X5 Flying Wing RTM UAV with Bungee Launch

This video shows a Ready To Map X5 configuration running APM 2.6, with an SX260 mapping camera. The Bungee Launch system allows for very easy and safe autonomous hand launches with the X5 RTM UAV. Special thanks to Simon Wunderlin for tips on the bungee!

The units draw about 3.5-4A at cruise and carry a 4000mah Lipo so average flight duration of about 40 minutes, max 50 minutes.

It cruises at around 40-45kph resulting in an average total flight transect of 25km. I think 30km round trip is also very achievable but I like to be conservative in my estimates.
The two units in this video will be deployed to the Jane Goodall Africa Projects initiative through a Conservation Drones project.


  1. bocorps

    Or maybe you used a 2814 980kv but still seems a bit under powered…on paper

  2. bocorps

    i actually own a x5 with sk3 2836 1500kv powered by 2 2200mah 3s battery+8x6prop and i can get only 25mn. I really wonder how you can fly 40mn out of it with all your stuff, especially with such a small engine (sunnysky 2212 980kv which i assume gives 100W max) ! and the fact that your unit draws only 4A seems just amazing. cheers !
    If you have any explanation ?
    by the way your job is great, thanks for sharing 😉

  3. geobduffy

    Hi All,
    These X5 RTM units are great performers. I have a couple left now because I got a few more air frames but I’m basically planning to clear out the stock.

    • XB9000

      Hello Geobuffy,
      I’m looking for a RTM system and had been considering the X5. I would like some more info.Price? Availability? Location? and many system questions, of course.

  4. FlyHighRC

    Long time no speak. Not sure if you remember me but i spoke to you some time ago about the X8 and my build with it. Well since then it has been mixed. I flew it many months ago and almost had itquite nicely tned then i left for University and it was left in my Dads wrkshop then when i come back to it the params were all off and it flew horribly. Im ditching the X8 now simply because its too big and cumbersome for me.

    I have just bought the X5 now for that reason but have bought it knowing that allot of people have had issues with it. Yours seems to fly perfectly..any tips as to how I could make the experience with the X5 a nice one? 🙂

    • geobduffy

      Welcome back! I think I’ll have to make a set up video on the X5 because it is an airframe that can fly brilliantly or absolutely horribly depending on how it’s set up. Tuning this unit is an art because the trailing edge of the wing is different on every one that comes in and do theres no cookie cutter setting for accel calibration or deflection that works across the board.
      There are certainly a bunch of tips I can offer but it’s not good for the comments section. I’m building an X5 RTM unit that’s traveling with me to Scotland in a few weeks so I’ll try to capture some build video, include tips and post a video.

      • FlyHighRC

        Thanks for the quick reply. I Have just finished the build of my X5 now. The build went along rather eaily and quickly. I did away with the stock fins and their is not enough vertical in the fins for me to be happy. So i added some depron fins with a larger area also. I will let you know how that goes. Could you let me know what your CG is from the motor plate forward. Also what are you elevon movements? The elevons are pretty big and i bet a fair bit of expo is required. thanks again 🙂

        • geobduffy

          I think that since you removed the dihedral winglets the CG will be different. I have flown one unit without them and it was not very successful because it was very unstable. I hope to learn from your experience if your set up works out because it will make the X5 a bit more transportable.
          Good luck and please report back!

          • FlyHighRC

            So I flew the X5 with the modified wing tips, flew very nicely! a squirly take off which was fixed with less roll and more expo added though pitch was nice 🙂 It tracks in crosswinds perfectly. Though a question you may no about, I did the new survey feature and when i flicked into auto he plane flew back overhead and went into loiter…It kept doing this. Any ideas?

    • geobduffy

      Please email me through contact if you’d like a specific quote. It depends on your requirements and can vary greatly as a result.
      I am not planning to produce a mass quantity of these at this time. I am producing a short run of 10 units, 6 of which have already been allocated.

  5. kempo

    Hello, very good results , 45 km/h cruise speed! I have a X5 wing also but the cruise speed is around 60-65km/h @ 1.2kg… Can you please share some details : where is located the CG, what is the wing total weight, what electronics you use ? Thank you.

    • geobduffy

      CG is set near the foam CG buttons underneath the X5. The AUW on this unit is about 2.4lbs (around 1.09kg).
      Electronics are: APM 2.6, FrSky Delta, sunnysky 980kv, 30A ESC (could use a 20A), 3s 4000mah, sx260 mapping camera.

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