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Learn how Flight Riot member Christian John integrated drones into his most recent research trip above the Arctic circle.
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Flight Riot strives to create a community that advocates the use of drones in conjunction with geospatial technology for remote sensing and mapping applications.  We place an emphasis on open source technologies with a ‘do it yourself’ spirit.  We encourage exploration and discussion of technology, drone platforms, mapping cameras, and specific remote sensing applications such as vegetation management, agricultural and land analysis,  as well as terrain mapping and surveying.

If you are interested in drone mapping then we invite you to sign up, publish, and share your projects and ideas with us.

Projects and Features

Beginner’s Experience in DIY Remote Sensing

Flight Riot is all about that DIY attitude when it comes to drones and remote sensing topics.  So, in that spirit we'd like to share a few interesting stories that come to us by way of one of our members, Christian John.   This is the first of a two part story that...

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Mosaico Plaza de Los Artesanos

Ortho Mosaic - Plaza de los Artesanos Mosaic of the Plaza de Los Artesanos, Bogota. The flight was made with a Hexacopter with pilot Naza-M and a camera Canon A2300.

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OpenDroneMap UAV Post Processing

Post Processing for UAV images. Inspired by posts like this: , we've started a project called OpenDroneMap (, a sUAV post processing toolchain. For now, it only generates...

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New CHDK Scripts and Methods!!!

Hello Flight Riot! CHDK: Canon Hack Development Kit CHDK is useful for UAV mapping because it allows options for control of canon point and shoot cameras that you would not otherwise have. I use the Canon S100 and Canon SX260 primarily for mapping though I have used...

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Image Post Processing Tutorial 1 (VisualSFM, CMVS)

VisualSFM, CMVS - Image Post Processing Tutorial 1 This tutorial shows you how to orthorectify UAV aerial imagery and generate 3D point clouds. All software used is freely available for...

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Start here for detailed information, pictures, and videos of drone and image post processing tutorials

UAV Tutorials

Flight Riot tutorials that focus specifically on hardware and component tutorials including UAV setup and adjustments and USB trigger building amongst others

Post Processing Tutorials

Flight Riot tutorials that focus on post processing of mapping images utilizing mostly open source software systems such as those outlined in the Flight Riot software section


In-depth explorations of a number of open source software programs that make drone mapping and image post processing possible


Discussions about Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK) and its use with Canon cameras including functions for UAV mapping, intervalometer scripts, setup tutorials and more

Visual SFM

Discussions about the Visual Structure from Motion (Visual SFM) system developed by Changchang Wu including its use in mapping post processing and tutorials for developing 3D models


Discussions relevant to the Center for Machine Perception MultiView Stereo (CMPMVS) system written by Michael Jancosek including tutorials and uses for reconstructing 3D images with mapping images


Discussions about Clustering Views for Multi-view Stereo (CMVS) designed by Yasutaka Furukawa to divide and cluster parallel sets of structure from motion (SFM) data in 3D reconstructions


Discussions about MeshLab system developed by Paulo Cignoni and Guido Ranzuglia used to process and edit unstructured triangular 3D meshes is typically used in conjunction with other open source software to post process UAV mapping images

SFM GeoRef

Discussions in relation to Structure from Motion Geo-referencing (SFM GeoRef) software program designed by Mike James which uses observations from SFM images to generate to produce real world coordinates from point clouds

ImageJ / Fiji

Discussions for Fiji (also known as ImageJ) image processing package that is used in conjunction with the PhotoMonitoring plugin created by Ned Horning to properly render NDVI images from IR filer adjusted cameras


Discussions that utilize the Palentier software program designed by Mark Willis that scales, orients, and projects UAV images onto real world mapping systems utilizing telemetry data from mapping pictures.


Information related to the hardware and processes associated with drones and mapping applications


Discussions about various UAV platforms including Skywalkers, Finwing Penguins, X5’s, and multi-rotor machines such as the 3D Robotics Y6, X8, and Iris+

Ground Control

Discussions about ground control topics such as UAV Setup and testing, mapping flight planning, component integration, and overviews, links, and information about Mission Planner


Discussions about the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and its uses, benefits, and integration with remote sensing UAV mapping including testing, filters, and post processing


Discussions about various components that comprise and support UAV mapping including RC controllers, cameras, USB triggers, and flight controllers such as APM , PX4 and PixHawk


Discussions about remote sensing and mapping related to vegetation and agriculture including near infrared (NIR) and spectral signatures of plants and vegetation

Camera Setup

Discussions about assorted cameras used for mapping purposes including benefits and configurations of various models and integration with other components, software, and post processing techniques

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