Filter Tests for Single Camera NDVI

Filter Tests for Single Camera NDVI

Chris Fastie, Mathew Lippincott and others at have been testing the viability of filters for the Infragram Kickstarter project. Initial tests were done using Rosco #2007 material.  The intent is to find a filter (or filters) that cut significant portions of the visible red band so that the R channel on the camera can pick up NIR instead. This allows the Blue Channel to be used in conjunction with the NIR to produce NDVI imagery from a single camera. Results with the #2007 material have been successful but now we are  testing more filters to see what will be most effective for single camera generation of NDVI type Vegetation Indices.

Currently, I have 3 Canon P&S cameras with IR filters removed for testing various filters with the intent of producing NDVI aerial images. I have posted some tests using the Rosco #2007 here at flightriot and also shared the results with the infragram folks at publiclab. The testing continues…

Below is a list of the filters to be tested. I am sticking with Canon Point and Shoot cameras due to the availability of CHDK and my intended use in custom mapping UAVs.

Here are the filters for testing:

Rosco #2007 – Initital tests and results on the following pages:



Roscolux #2008
Roscolux #74
Roscolux 4390 /Cal Color 90 Cyan


Rosco E-Color #200

Color Filter Technical Data Sheet

Rosco E-Colour #120: Deep Blue


Rosco E-Colour #172: Lagoon Blue


Apollo Design 4050 Seductive Blue

Apollo Design 4250 Apollo Blue

Apollo Design 4400 After Hours Blue

LEE Filters 119 Dark Blue

Lee 119 Dark Blue

LEE Filters 721 Berry Blue

LEE Filters 183 Moonlight Blue

Lee 183 Moonlight Blue

LEE Filters 085 Deeper Blue

Lee 085 Deeper Blue

LEE Filters HT 363 Special Medium Blue

Lee HT 363 Special Medium Blue




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